first competition


on May 10, 2002

woo hoo !  i’ve just entered my first photography club competition smirk

a couple of weeks ago i joined a photography club and they have a Black and White print competition coming up – i entered these 4 pictures:

that i printed on my epson 750.  i’m just trying to get to grips with the whole printing thing so they weren’t as good as i was hoping.  as this is my first comp and the printing isn’t great i’m really not expecting too much but it’ll be nice to get some feedback from the pro that’s doing the judging and the other members as well.

prints in today and results on tuesday nite!

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5 Responses to “first competition”

  1. meegan says:

    good luck!  keep us posted.

  2. Tom says:

    Real nice shots, I like them a lot.  Regardless of how the competition turns out, you’ve got a lot of talent.  Good luck!

  3. marc says:

    thanks Meegan and Tom – i’ll post the results (or lack thereof)

  4. Got Sara? says:

    definatley wishing ya lots of luck!

  5. Tom says:

    Hey, I’m curious, how did you get your start in digital photography?  You’ve got such incredible shots, it looks like you’ve got a lot of experience.  (I’m jealous!) I’m curious to see whether you’ve developed your skills around the digital camera or already knew the ropes from film photography.  I have *some* experience with film, but really didn’t pursue photography as an art of any kind until a couple months ago.  It’s so frustrating to see someone who seems to take such great shots so effortlessly . . . grin