ok – that’s it !!!!


on May 12, 2002

all my clothes have shrunk!

but seriously i am officially “too fat !” by officially i mean too fat for my liking.  in the last six months i have become a right bloater and have decided I need to do something about it. i have not weighed myself but will do so on monday morning when i will try to start slimming world – not officially of course but vic has all the books and stuff from before our wedding so I?ll use those as a guide.

it’ll be tough methinks ‘cos i work from home 🙁 but i reckon if i get rid of all the crap food i should be ok.  this is purely due to the fact that i am too lazy to walk to the shop to buy food – crap food tastes great but it’s not worth leaving the house on a special trip for!

every monday morning i am going to weigh myself and post the results here.  hopefully the sheer embarrassment of having a bad week in front of everyone will keep me on track and make up for my extreme lack of self control and will power.  my hope is it?ll work kinda like the weekly weigh-ins they have at slimming world meetings.

on monday morning i will find out how much i weigh and set a target weight.

watch this space………………………………

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4 Responses to “ok – that’s it !!!!”

  1. meegan says:

    good luck!

    you can always purchase the medieval torture device (aka the gazelle) and we can work it together, hehe smile

  2. marc says:

    haha – NO WAY! i’d be far to scared that the guy in the ad (tony?) would deliver it!! :zoink:

  3. Bekah says:

    Euck!!!! Diets are gross. I hate them.

    But good luck to you….

  4. marc says:

    thanks Bekah – i hate them too but unless i am officially “on a diet” i fine it hard to control my eating habits ! wink