two things


on May 16, 2002

1) It’s now been 18 months since Vic and I had a microwave in our flat.  Do we miss it?  Sometimes, but not as often as I thought we would

2) Stories like this piss me off.  You try to save lives and get screwed for it.  They need signs that say “Danger – pretty much everything in life”

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2 Responses to “two things”

  1. Lynda says:

    I might be able to live without a microwave, but I would be COMPLETELY LOST without a toaster oven.

  2. Tom says:

    1) Thinking about it, I too could probably live pretty comfortably without a microwave.  We just keep our bread in as a large, very expensive breadbox most of the time.

    2) If it wasn’t for stupid people, what would we all have to laugh at?  I guess it’s not really a laughing matter, is it?  It’s sad, that’s what it is.