on May 22, 2002

1) After watching England’s poor showing against South Korea in their World Cup warm up match today I don’t think they stand a snowballs chance in hell of bringing that cup home.  I know, I know it was only a warm up match and Beckham, Fowler et al were out injured but even so……… The first half wasn’t so bad but the second half they played like a bunch of schoolboys.

2) I bought Vic some flowers today.  I don’t buy Vic flowers (well not often) I had a moment of love towards her when I was out today and thought she deserved them – she likes flowers smile

She gets home in about an hour and it’ll be nice to surprise her.

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3 Responses to “things”

  1. karen says:

    aww! fleurs!! Lucky lady!

    rasberryout: I want some fleurs…

  2. marc says:

    But Karen your new blog skin has flowers!  smirk

  3. meegan says:

    what a good hubbie you are, marc!  what kind?