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on June 8, 2002

Me and my clie

Got a PDA?  Got Avantgo?  Want to read Marc’s Musings on the go?

Well now you can!

I have created my very own custom Avantgo channel that allows those people with mobile devices to carry me around wherever they go smile You will need a PDA (of course) and an account at Avantgo (they’re free) If/when you have both of these thing follow this link or click on the picture to automatically add my channel to your subscription.  It’s been set up so that the images aren’t downloaded so it won’t take up too much of your PDA’s precious memory and includes the last 15 entries.

Thanks to Kiffin for the idea and to this page at Meryl.net on how to get this working for a Movabletype weblog smile

UPDATE: As I use smilies so often (as do people commenting) and I use images rarely (except to link) I have decided to include images in the channel.  This can be changed when you subscribe but as it stands at the mo’ the channel’s only 15K so I wouldn’t worry too much about it smile I’ve also changed it to only contain the last 10 entries – as most people synch their PDA’s at least once a day I thought this should cover it. 😎


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