quiz nonsense


on June 15, 2002

From Liz via Meegan

1. Regular or electric/battery operated toothbrush?

Both!  Depends on the mood and time constraints.  If I want a hard core clean I’ll use the Braun 3D rechargeable

2. Shower or bath?

Shower in the morning to get me going.  Although I really missed a bath at our old flat I have had a total of one bath in the new place (in 18 months)

3. Automatic dishwasher or hand-wash dishes?

Dishwasher all the way!  I do them by hand if there aren’t enough to warrant a DW load though (I hate having dishes lying around!) Hand washing, at least mine, still does a better job IMO

4. Paying bills: on-line or write out cheques?

Oh so on-line!  I couldn’t find my chequebook the other day 🙁 so I had a look in MS money for the last time I wrote one out.  18th Feb 2000 – over 2 years!

5. Laundromat or your own washer/dryer?

Own washer/drier and I have never lived anywhere without one and don’t intend to start now wink

6. Electric or gas stove?

Electric, unfortunately. And what makes it worse the elements are those horrible solid iron ones.  They take about a week to come up to temperature and about a month to cool down!

7. Subscribe to magazines/newspapers or buy at newsstand?

In NZ I used to subscribe but here in the UK I buy.  There are two reasons for this.  1) Us being here is “temporary” (it’s been over 4 years now smile) and 2) I quite enjoy going to the shops and buying the ones I normally buy and browsing others.

8. Alarm clock…music or buzzer?

Buzzer and as loud as possible please!

9. Go grocery shopping yourself, or order stuff to be delivered?

When we had no car we ordered 90% of our stuff off the web but now that we have a car we go and do battle with the hordes ourselves angry

10. On workdays…pack a lunch or eat out?

I work from home so neither.  I guess you could argue that I have a packed lunch but don’t actually pack it.

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One Response to “quiz nonsense”

  1. miz Jenna says:

    you know, I could have answered most of these questions exactly how you do.  interesting questions though.