doing my head in!


on June 19, 2002

pMachine is great but damn, it’s doing my head in!  The next few days will be spent figuring out how to:

? Include the RSS feed into the sidebar for IT related headlines Pro version only

? Get my Avantgo PDA channel up and running with the new blog – and showing what I want

? Toying with the idea of getting the cool little script here working under PM (unlikely as I have NO idea what I’m doing!)

So the next few nights should be interesting if nothing else. Hopefully there are some friendly and helpful people out there on the web……….smile

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4 Responses to “doing my head in!”

  1. Bekah says:

    Well, I’d help you out, but umm….. wink

  2. Marc says:

    Thanks for the thought anyway…..  :star:

  3. Erynn says:

    Uh… the script was developed for Moveable Type, but you seem to be running pMachine. I could get it going on MT for you, but modifying it for pM would cost more tequila than all of Mexico can produce.

    I suggest you send a very nice email to the ladies at

  4. Marc says:

    Thanks Erynn.  Getting it working on MT was a piece of the proverbial cake as is shown in my older entries

    I thought about the scriptygoddesses but they seem to be MT based themselves.