on July 25, 2002

We had our first meeting with the local midwifery team yesterday.  Not really much to report – we went through individual and family medical histories, took some of Vic’s blood for a battery of tests and received our pregnancy book thing.  This book will hold everything to do with the pregnancy from the first scan right through to tests and details on the the first few days of our baby’s life.  It’s a very substantial document with lots of good reading in it.

According to the experts Vic is now 14 weeks and 2 days pregnant and just starting to show (but only if you look hard!) Still early days…………..

PS: Fourth run today and another 59 seconds off 18:16 – 17:43 – 17:03 – 16:04 smile  The strange thing is I’m pretty sure that I’m not any fitter, it’s just that I think my body is remembering how to run again!  I think it’s running smoother and more efficiently and therefore faster for same amount of energy.

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2 Responses to “midwife”

  1. Got Sara? says:

    That is just so awesome and I applaud you for using a midwife.

  2. Marc says:

    Over here you don’t have a lot of choice!  If you use public health care you have a team of people to look after you throughout your pregnancy.  The care is shared between your GP, a team of midwives and, if needed, an obstetrician.  You also get a choice of midwife only pre-natal care or shared care which utilises your GP and the midwife in alternating appointments.