another weekend over


on August 19, 2002

Another weekend over and nothing to show for it.

Vic and I basically did nothing besides stay as cool as possible.  Although the temperature was less than the forecast (31/88 instead of 33/91) it was still pretty hot!  Vic isn’t feeling the heat as badly as in the first trimester but it’s still not up there on the list of her favourite things smile

SA beat Australia in the final game of the tri-nations tournament which makes the All Blacks the Tri-nations champs! GO THE AB’s :vbg:

And that’s about it. To be honest it was really nice to chill out and I felt very close to Vic this weekend. Her Mum turns up from NZ next weekend for a family wedding so I think it will be the last quiet weekend we have for a while!

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3 Responses to “another weekend over”

  1. lor says:

    SA beat Aussie? YAY! i’m thrilled… of course i’m not all that thrilled at the All Blacks being the champs, but i can deal;)

  2. Marc says:

    lor – the game was a great one as well!  SA won with the last kick of the game (a conversion) It’s nice to see someone else grab defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Oz were down 26-9 at half time and came back to lead 31-26 with a minute to go!  SA scored a fantastic try to make it 31 all and then slotted the conversion to win smile

  3. lor says:

    *woohoo* SA rocks!:) thanks for the play by play for me. hey, how did skinstad play? i’m always curious as i know him from way back when he went to hilton.