she returns


on October 23, 2002

YAY! – Vic’s back from Philly and seems to have really enjoyed herself wink  She didn’t seem to go too mad and even managed to buy me a top from Nautica between kitting Fidget out in Gap and herself in Lord & Taylor……. The main thing is she’s back though :vbg:

Man I have a couple of busy days ahead – on both days I have meetings that are four hours drive away 🙁  Eight hours driving each day – crazy! At least I’m busy though.

Just to finish the day off here’s a couple of recent photo’s.  They’re both taken on Kodak Ektachrome and scanned into the PC. I have printed them at about 8×10 and the shot of the bust looks quite striking. I have even got the hang of the matt cutter I got for my birthday so they have nice cardboard surrounds!

click the images for a larger versions

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One Response to “she returns”

  1. Gina says:

    Glad she & fidget are back safe n sound smile

    The photos are amazing. And yes, the bust one is rather striking. You have the talent that I only dream of having.  smirk