good effort


on January 18, 2003

Last night was very strange…….

Max woke up about 22:00 last night for a feed which is pretty normal and he latched on and went for it like a starving wee fella. What wasn’t normal (gee, from the whole two nights before wink) is that he didn’t go back down until 02:45 🙁 And this wasn’t just being up either, this was screaming and wailing as though the world was doing him some great disservice staying up! By 02:00 our eyeballs were just hanging out of our heads and Vic and I were handing him back and forth like a football to try and get him settled but it wasn’t until we changed his nappy again and fed him from 02:00-02:45 that he settled to any great degree. Vic’s last words as we fell very quickly into a deep sleep (passing out?) were “good effort” smile

So that was the bad part…..

The good part is that it’s just before 08:00 and he’s only just woken up! I’ve just changed him and he’s feeding strongly but we’ve had five hours sleep all in one go both for him and us. Much yayness!

Here’s another picture. This was just me playing around but I liked this one because you can see the wee blister on his top lip from feeding.

Here you go…

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2 Responses to “good effort”

  1. Gina says:

    Aww hang in there momma and daddy.. he’ll get into a schedule. The first month is always the roughest!

  2. Bekah says:

    It still throws me off everytime you say “nappy”….I always think he’s sleeping and you mean diaper. Heh’.