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on February 1, 2003

Yesterday was another day where the UK fell apart due to a couple of inches of snow 🙁 Motorways closed, trains didn’t run and people were leaving their cars abandoned at the side of the road because it was faster to walk……… I thought it was just because people couldn’t handle the conditions and this was pretty much confirmed to me this morning. I was standing outside our building and overheard a conversation between two guys standing next to me. The older of the two said “I was driving along last night in the snow and had to brake. My brakes made a funny chattering sound and so I thought they weren’t working properly so I used my handbrake as well. The handbrake just locked up the rear wheels though and I was sliding around everywhere. I was only later that I realised that it was the anti-lock braking”

1) Yes, that’s what ABS sounds like and 2) Who would be stupid enough to use their handbrake in the snow! What a muppet! After hearing this it really didn’t surprise me that there were so many accidents yesterday.

In other news we are still walking around slightly dazed. We had a great night the night before last – Max slept from midnight to 04:30 and then 05:30 to 09:00 which was fantastic. He obviously thought that he’d been far to nice to us though and was up every couple of hours last night. I hope Vic’s getting as much sleep as possible during the day today as she was way overtired last night and all weepy during our 03:30 chat this morning.

Besides that we really have nothing to report – work and baby is about it….

PS: A special thanks to Gina who’s my one and only registered user on the images section smile

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One Response to “hi there”

  1. Gina says:

    They need driving lessons from me. I have plenty of practice living here in Michigan smile

    And anything to be able to see that sweet baby smile Have a good day and rest up this weekend!