monday morning


on February 25, 2003

Medium Format no longer has a place in my house 🙁 I bought my Bronica system about a year ago as a “learning system” I wanted a system that would force me to slow down and think about what I was doing when taking a photograph and as my ETRSi was completely manual and had no integrated metering it really did the trick. I went from 100 shots an hour on my digital system to as little as 6 per hour! Handheld metering was great fun and made me look at the whole process of taking a photograph in a different way – spot vs reflected vs incident – what to do smile

After a while though I came to two conclusions 1) It had served it’s learning purpose and 2) whilst a 6×45 negative was nice it wasn’t a big enough a step away from 35mm for me. If I get back into a larger than 35mm format in the future I think it’ll be 6×7, 6×9 or even large format 5×4. I want to blown away when looking at a velvia trannie on a light-box and 6×45 just wasn’t doing it……..

So what’s happened to the Bronnie? it’s been traded in on my first Canon “L” series lens, a 70-200mm F4 and a 1.4x Teleconverter. I pick them up on Saturday and might even get some time to do some test shots over the weekend wink I had a couple of rolls of film leftover and have sent them to Lor to use in her Holga smile Have fun Lor!

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