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on February 27, 2003

I really have the urge to redesign this weblog! I want something much cleaner and lighter looking and also want to go with a single column design with separate pages for searching and archives. All of these ideas are going around in my head but I just can’t find the time to put them into practise 🙁

Oh well wink

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2 Responses to “what to do”

  1. Stu D. says:

    who ever REALLY has the time to do this.  When I first started blogging, I went through 4 major revisions in about 3 months.  Of course, this was at the cost of non-socialization.  These days, I just make tweaks here and there.  It just seems more managable that way!

  2. Tom says:

    I also keep meaning to redo my site, but as Stu notes – who’s got the time?!  I do need to do it at some point, but right now is not it!  grin