one good – one bad


on April 2, 2003

The good one – I won $327 on the lottery! I never check my tickets as I like the tension of just handing it over and seeing what sound the terminal makes. It’s usually the depressing little beep that signifies that, once again, the odds have beaten you. This time however it was the joyous noise of the terminal printer printing out a winners receipt. Not only that but I looked down and saw 3..2..7 on the display! My first thought was “how can you win three dollars twenty seven?” and then it clicked! Yee ha smile

The bad one – Winter is here 🙁 Rain, southerlies (bad in the southern hemisphere) and a high of about 13?C Jay and Larry’s place was built around the turn of the last century and has big rooms with high studs. Looks great but a bugger to heat wink Just have to worry about Max’s room really as us big’uns can regulate our body temperature a bit better.

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One Response to “one good – one bad”

  1. Gina says:

    woohoo! congrats!

    And winter? Blech!