on April 23, 2003

I discovered a wonderful little shop 30 yards from our house today – Harrington’s Smallgoods.  They make continental meatgoods and so I nipped over and bought 2.2 lbs of haggis smile I love haggis and ate a lot when I was in Scotland a couple of years ago – now all I need to do is organise Neeps and Tatties.

Now for something really geeky – I love this watch! Very handy and not bad looking for what it is…….

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4 Responses to “today”

  1. Gina says:

    Umm what is Haggis? Heard of it, but not sure if I know what it is. LOL

  2. Jen says:

    I have a can of vegetarian haggis in my cupboard—I bought it at Fortnum & Mason when I was in London a little over a year ago. I started laughing so hard at the very idea of haggis being vegetarian, that I had to buy it for a joke. Still gives me a giggle. smile

  3. Janet says:

    Don’t eat it all before I come and see you!

  4. Ann says:


    Being of Scottish heritage I just love the stuff (even if it is all the rubbish bits from a sheep!) Especially delicious served with neeps, which in most countries is cattle fodder! Once brought a 6kg haggis back from Dunedin (New Zealand’s Edinburgh) on a small plane and it bruised several shins rolling about in the cabin!