OMG Max is bulimic!  Well, not really smile He does have this bizarre habit of sticking his finger down his throat and throwing up though.  He really likes chewing on his fist and has gnawed away quite happily since he discovered that his fist could almost fit in his mouth. Then the thumb popped out so that got a chewing, then his index finger… The funny thing is that he sticks it so far in his mouth that he gags!

Stupid boy smile

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2 Replies to “bulimic!”

  1. He is soooooooooooooooo cute!  How is it that Max has got more hair at 4 – 5months than Niamh has at 2 yrs and 5 months????? What a beautiful boy you two have made.  You deserve a sensational mothers day pressy, Vic (Diamonds are always appreciated, Marc)

    Any way get back to me with you postal address as per my email to Vic.

    Take care and lots of love the Menzies

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