things i can do now


on May 14, 2003

It seems to me sometimes that life is just plodding along because there are no major events happening in my life.  What I don’t realise, because I see him evey day, is that Max is really growing up and we don’t tell people about it!  Here are a few things that he can now do:

1) Max can now focus on something then reach out and grab it (for the most part) Whilst this may not seem like much I think it shows that his hand – eye coordination is really coming along in leaps and bounds.  Of course everything that does get grabbed goes straight into his mouth – which brings me to…..

2) He’s started to suck his thumb smile And when I say suck I really mean suck! I’m surprised he doesn’t get blood out of the end of it!  He started off just gnawing on his fist and then, about a week ago, his thumb popped out and away he went.

3) For about the last month he’s been able to stand up.  By stand up I mean that if his feet are under him he will raise his entire bodyweight so that he is standing with his knees locked. The funny thing is that sometimes he seems to not be able to unlock them and gets all upset! lol!

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One Response to “things i can do now”

  1. Gina says:

    He is growing up!!  Wasn’t he just born yesterday?  So cute about the thumb, I remember when my son found his.. I was so impressed! LOL!