on June 30, 2003

Haven’t updated for a couple of days – so what’s been happening in Cramerland?

? Friday night was my birthday dinner (37 if you must know wink) and it was a very relaxed affair with some friends around for pizza and chilling out. I had emails from friends in the UK and a call from my brother who is working in Cork, Ireland at the moment.  All up a very pleasant day.

? It was up to Jay and Larry’s on Saturday night for dinner (some of it left-over pizza and birthday cake smile) and to watch the All Black’s very unconvincing win over the French…….

? Today and it was up to Vic’s Mum’s place for dinner and to cut vegetables to last her the next few days. She’s still not supposed to do anything like that after her operation until her stitches are removed on Wednesday.

As you can see, a very exciting weekend.

A thought: We’ve been cleaning Max’s teeth ever since they came through and it really is good fun doing it smile We use a small muslin with a tiny bit of baby toothpaste on it. He dutifully opens his mouth so we can give the two tiny teeth a clean and then realises that the cold cloth feels good so bites it, grabs it and tries to jam the whole thing in his mouth! Great fun smile

Another thought: I’m up to chapter 18 in the new Harry Potter book. It took all of about a day to turn up in electronic format on the web and I’m reading it on my PDA (all 38 chapters and 255,000 words of it) The other four we own in paperback and we’ll buy the new one when it comes out in paperback in about 6 months. Pretty good so far………


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