on July 19, 2003

Not a good day today.  First of all not having a job is starting to get to me. I woke up this morning feeling pretty shitty about it actually. Luckily I had a day out taking photos with my friend Jay to look forward to.

That is until he cancelled at about 10:30…….. “no worries” I thought, “I’ll just nip out on my own” It’s a nice day today but after 3 hours and about 10 crap pics later I came to the conclusion that my head just wasn’t in it so I should give up and have some lunch.  Malaysian was what I felt like and so I found a small restaurant, sat down, ordered mee goreng, and pulled out my Clie to read a book.  Hmmm – no books in the list…….the 128MB memorystick was missing! After walking around for 2 hours there really was no point in back-tracking to find it so I gave up on it 🙁

I drove home in an absolutely foul mood and of course every idiot was out on the roads just to piss me off!  When I got home though I thought I’d hunt through the car and see if the MS had popped out while it was on the passenger seat.  Lo and behold it had come out of my clie, gone though the seat, onto the floor in the rear of the car and ended up under Max’s car seat base legs.

Whilst not in quite as bad a mood as an hour ago I still wouldn’t cross me…………..

Oh and here’s the one even vaguely decent shot I took 🙁


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5 Responses to “friday”

  1. Martin says:

    I’m sure something will turn up soon and at least you’ve got all your toys back. Just enjoy the time you’ve got with Max now.

    And the picture isn’t so bad probably better than vaguely decent!

  2. Jay says:

    You’ll look back and think what a magical time it was to have spent the first 6 months with my boy. What’s a job in comparison to that?

    And that photo’s still a million times better than anything I’ve managed!

  3. Divina says:

    Glad to hear that you found your stick! I think that’d put me in a foul mood too.  And something will come your way! Keep that chin up smile

  4. Tom says:

    Great shot, regardless of how you feel about it.  grin

    On the job front, don’t lose hope, there’s something out there.  I speak from experience, having spent 4 months myself laid off and going out of my skull being bored.  I realized after I got a job that I wasted a great opportunity to brush up on skills I’d let slide – drawing, painting, etc.  Hopefully, however, I won’t have an opportunity to take advantage of that again.  And hopefully neither will you.  grin

  5. marc says:

    Thanks all – I must admit the more I look at the shot the more I like it….. smile