just another manic….


on August 19, 2003

Well it’s Monday (again!) and the highlight of the weekend had to be the All Blacks taking the Bledisloe cup back off the Aussies. Good on ya boys!

? Whilst looking at other 26things sites I came across Deb’s blog – Slipstream. She’s lives in Wellington and has a fantastically amusing, easy going, words-roll-out-of-your-brain-and-onto-the-screen style of writing that I can only dream about.  Check it out.

? If the only carbs or protein you’ve had for three days is a solitary potato don’t, I repeat don’t, go for a run up a big f*cking hill. You will feel as though somebody has come along and given you two strings of wet spaghetti for legs only minutes after leaving home. Just trust me on this, OK smile

? Damn! I am eating a carrot and typing and I’ve just bitten my inside of my lip….. and I’m bleeding…..ouch!

? Max is becoming more “mobile” by the day. He’s not actually crawling or anything but he’s going from sitting to lying to rolling over with the greatest of ease.  I really don’t want to be in this shithole of a flat when he becomes truly mobile. Gotta get me a job and toot-sweet dammit.  I had a phone interview the other day which seemed to go OK and the guy said that he’d like to meet me in person……..we’ll see what happens.

That’s about it for now. The last two entries have been bullet points I know but that’s how life feels at the moment – kind of staccato’ish.

Oh and I think I’ve stopped bleeding smile

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One Response to “just another manic….”

  1. Gina says:

    Ow on the skettie legs and the lip! Yikes.

    Max is growing up too fast! Make it stop! LOL