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on August 21, 2003

If you are looking at this using IE6 then you’ll be able to read it (probably) If you are using Mozilla or Opera that you might be able to kind of see this text somewhere on the screen……….

All I’m using is CSS and want a (I thought) fairly easy layout.

A 700px wide header, centered and 700px wide image in it.  Just below that a 700px wide container centered with 20px padding. Inside that a white box with 2 columns in it – a 150px wide menu on the LHS and the rest for content.

I can get it to work with just a tiny test CSS file (in IE) see this picture – using this CSS

Can I get it to work in anything other than IE or once I put my blog data in – can I f*ck!!

Any ideas?????

Update 11:30pm: OK – I’ve changed the way I do stuff and it works under IE6 and Opera 7 (at least on my PC) Still doesn’t work under Mozilla as supposedly it’s the only browser that nests divs “properly” For all you Mozilla users out there I’ll look at it tomorrow……….

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4 Responses to “site redesign/screwup”

  1. deb says:

    i’m looking at it in mozilla and it looks fine to me, exactly the same as when i view it in ie6, except at the very top there is a grey box, with nothing in it. i can still see the graphic that says marcvicandmax, though.

    does it look differently to you?

  2. Tom says:

    Looks good to me on, well, IE6.  grin I’ll have to check on my bevy of browsers at home tonight. 

    I’ve given up trying to make my site work for everyone in every browser.  Web designer I may be, but this is an almost impossible task anymore.  Mozilla may <i>technically</i> render code as it’s supposed to, but no one else is paying attention to the rules.  The way I see it, you either have a duty to design something really, really basic that degrades in all browsers on all platforms, or you need to design toward what the overwhelming majority of users are browsing with – that’s IE 5 or 6 95% of the time for me (according to my stats.)

    Anyway, the design looks great – very clean and slick!

  3. Bekah says:

    Can I just say I absolutely love the new design?

    I’m dying to have mine re-designed… I’ve asked Tom to do it, so hopefully I’ll get a change soon… I’m not talented in the design-a-site department…

    But you are. Good job. It’s awesome.

  4. marc says:

    thanks guys smile i haven’t got the gumption to sort out the mozilla (or bloody IE5.0) problem at the moment so they’ll just have to wait…….