It’s been almost a week and a lot has happened (although it’s probably all boring for anyone but us smile)

The weekend was busy with a friend around for dinner on Friday nite. I finished a quick-start, week-long diet that night (14 lbs lost!) as well so no nice pasta dinner for me 🙁 Saturday we visited the same friend at her place and I checked all her fuses (one had blown and they are those old wired type and too far up the wall for her to reach safely) That night we had the 30th birthday party of a friend Larry (Laraine) and the theme was 70’s A great time was had with some truly atrocious clothing and pretty scary music during the night!

We got home about 00:30 and as Max hadn’t had a feed all night we got him up to feed him and got to bed about 02:00. 07:00 and it was up again to feed the little monster wink and then out for brunch at a new cafe that has opened up just down the road. Kai in the Bay was a huge disappointment with coffee very mediocre and the food overpriced for the small portions offered. It’s a shame really as the location is great and it’s within easy walking distance 🙁 Oh well, you live and learn……

After postponing last week, Deb and I got together on Tuesday morning for a coffee. She’s a lovely lady and conversation covered all sorts of topics from pMachine to blogging to life in Wellington to babies, birth and bottle feeding. A nice time and hopefully it’ll happen again at some stage.

On the Max front the big news is that he’s started to pull himself up onto his knees when he’s in his cot!  Leave him sitting there and he’ll be up and smiling over the rail in no time smile

Job wise I had a second, face-to-face interview today with a large international company – yay! Unfortunately I think I could have done a lot better – boo!  I’ll hopefully get some feedback in the next day or two……….

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2 Replies to “hi”

  1. Good thoughts about the job!

    I knew that Max would be up on his knees soon, wait until he rocks back and forth on them, then tosses himself forward, that’s when you know the fun is starting soon!! 😀

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