max snippets


on September 14, 2003

? Max now has five teeth through smile It’s been a while coming but number 5 finally broke through over the last couple of days (top, his left, second out)

? He’s also taken to sleeping on his front with his legs curled up underneath him and his bum up in the air!  I think he thinks about crawling somewhere but then just falls asleep smile It just can’t be comfortable!

? I think Max is a bit backwards……. at least he goes backwards.  He’s very mobile now and kind of crawls with a bit of control, but only backwards!  It’s really funny watching him concentrating on and staring at something, a toy for example, and slowly move away from it. It must be really frustrating! hee hee.

? He had his first “ethnic” food yesterday.  We went into town and stopped at a Malaysian restaurant for lunch.  While we had our lunch I fed him his lunch out of a jar and then he finished it of with a treat – a little piece of roti.  He seemed to like it but it’s a bit of a tough bread to eat with no molars smile He had fun gumming it for a while though and seemed to enjoy the taste.


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