week end

Well it’s Saturday and I’m sitting at home all alone and damn it’s quiet.  Vic and Max are away for 4 days looking after Vic’s Mum after her second carpal tunnel operation.  I miss them 🙁 Here’s what I want to mention:

? Happy 40th birthday to Deb

? The neighbours upstairs had a party last night. The loud music until 1am wasn’t so bad – it was the yahooing at the side of the building and the fact that some bastard threw up on my car that pissed me off!!!  I was glad that Max and Vic were away………

? I seem to be getting closer to having a job (touch wood and fingers crossed) Employer #1 and I have now had four interviews and they have checked my references in the UK. We shall see………

anyway, have a nice weekend y’all smile


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