up up and away


on October 2, 2003

Busy few days!

First of all I have received a formal job offer from Dell smile It’s only via email at the moment but the hard copy is being express posted as we speak.  Secondly we signed the paperwork on a new flat today!  It’s a nice little three bedroom house that’s only two years old and is on the right side of town to visit all the grandparents.  We move in a couple of weeks and it’ll be nice to be out of here…..

Lastly Max is really getting the hang of pulling himself up onto his feet now!  He started a couple of days ago but now has no problems getting upright whilst hanging on to the couch, the fridge, chairs, tables, dressers, Vic, me……………. this is what often greets us when we go into his room after he’s woken up smile


Compare it to the picture in this post of me when I was about the same age smile He doesn’t look as much like me as I thought!

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2 Responses to “up up and away”

  1. Ann says:

    Omigosh! He’s the spitting image of you, except for the eyes! (He’s got those beauties from his mum)

  2. lor says:

    congrats on the job and on the new flat! very exciting:)

    what a grin max has! too cute:)