getting there


on October 12, 2003

2 days until the movers come and pick up the big stuff………..I’ve moved a load of small stuff today and I’ll be glad when it’s over 😮

Thursday went well with the Dell customer demo that I went to.  It was quite strange getting up and going to work after 6 months of not having to! I really enjoyed it and the people that I’m going to work with seem very nice.  I also ended up having a breakfast meeting on Friday at 07:30 so that I could meet the MD for Dell Australasia wink I formally start on the 27th of October and may away for the first three weeks!  the first in Australia and the next two in Malaysia at a training boot camp.  It’s all up in the air at the moment so we’ll wait and see.

Max is coming along in leaps and bounds and has started to use the small coffee table at Nana Jan’s place as a walker. He uses it to stand up and then pushes it along and moves his feet to keep up with it… clever boy! wink He and Vic are staying up at Janet’s place for a couple of nights – the guys upstairs are moving next weekend and I was worried that they’d have a mad party one night this weekend.  Vic has had a couple of nights where she’s slept really badly (probably the stress of moving) and the last thing I want is her to be up all night because the neighbours are partying. The last time they had a party Vic was looking after her Mum after a small op and wasn’t here for all the yahooing and vomiting on my car…………… 


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