i’m back, baby!


on October 23, 2003

Oh the joys of once again being connected to the online world!

Where to start! The move went pretty well and we are now firmly ensconced in our new house with only a few boxes left to unpack.  It’s bigger, newer, drier and Vic feels a lot more comfortable here than in our old place smile It has next-door neighbours that wander around naked with no curtains and a house out the back that had a bunch of giggling, bikini clad teenage girls running around throwing water at each other for hours the other day! Unfortunately the naked neighbour was not a sylph-like teenage girl but an overweight middle aged woman……..I just can’t seem to get the mix right wink

I also have the details organised for my first day of work next Monday – yay!  The bad news is that it involves leaving the house at 04:00 to catch an 06:00 flight to Sydney, Australia (I’m there for the first week)…. and it’s a public holiday here in NZ! Bummer 🙁

Max has discovered a new trick – climbing stairs! This is the first 2 storey house he’s lived in and I was amazed at how quickly he picked the whole climbing thing up!  I was sitting at the top of the stairs and Vic was behind Max so that he wouldn’t fall.  The first half a dozen stairs were taken very tentatively but by the time he got to the second half he had it sussed and was going up the with no hesitating!  We pick up a gate today for the bottom of the stairs……. smile

That’s all for now, I’ll probably do another update soon smile

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One Response to “i’m back, baby!”

  1. Gina says:

    Oh my .. bikini clad giggling girls AND a nude older woman.. what a place to be wink LOL!!

    Sounds like Max is really getting around .. get you’re rest, you’ll need to be rest up once he starts walking! LOL

    Have a safe trip!