hi :)


on November 2, 2003

yay – I’m back! smile It was VERY nice to wake up this morning next to Vic and then have Max come crawling through to play after his morning feed.

The trip to Sydney went pretty well – there is just so much to learn though!  The people seemed nice enough and I think I’ll enjoy working at Dell.

The highlight of my trip was going to a bar at about midnight on Tuesday, recognising this guy at the bar, going up and offering to buy him a drink but then him buying me drinks for the next hour and chatting about the rugby world cup.  The person I recognised? None other than Stu Wilson, one of the greatest All Black wingers of all time!  When I offered to buy him a drink saying that it would be an honour (and great bragging rights) he said “Channel 7 are paying and wouldn’t it be even better to tell the people back at home that I bought you drinks?” Damn right! Plus I very rarely turn down free drinks wink

Anyway, I’m back and very happy about it smile I find out early next week whether or not I go to Penang, Malaysia the week after next… oh joy wink

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  1. Gina says:

    Welcome back smile