on January 18, 2004

Who says guys can’t multi-task?  It’s another stunning day here in Wellington smile Vic and Max are visiting Janet and I’m sitting on the couch:

1) Trying to figure out a layout and backend for  I wouldn’t mind using a blogging/cms tool to manage it so am looking at pMachine, MT (again) WordPress and a few full-on CMS’s. I might also look at some gallery tools to see how configurable they are.

2) Keeping an eye on the 5th cricket ODI between NZ and Pakistan. 200-3 go the blackcaps!

3) Listening to The Alan Parsons Project – The Instrumental Works.  Released in 1988 it’s timeless……..

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2 Responses to “multi-tasking”

  1. guruvious says:

    I can watch football, eat chips while swearing, and scratch my baggage.

    I am the man!

  2. Gina says:

    You are the man! smile

    Guru is just strange. LOL! rasberry