on April 1, 2004

Blimey an entry that’s all text!  It’s 10:30 at night and I’m lying in bed with my laptop and it’s the first time that I’ve had free today……. I finished work at 21:30 and that’s the earliest this week smile

We’re all just getting over the last cold that Max bought home from playgroup – Vic actually got this one too so that’s nice for her!  Max seems to be really enjoying his three mornings a week at playgroup and although he’s catching colds etc. I feel that he can only benefit from the interaction with the other children.

He continues to amaze me with the speed at which he picks things up.  He only needs to be shown things a few times and he’s got it sussed.  There are two things that he’s got sorted in the last week.  The first is dipping smile He had some chips (fries) the other day and we showed him twice how to dip them in tomato sauce. From then on at least half the mouthfuls he took he dipped into the sauce. 

The other was drinking from an open cup!  I gave him a tiny bit of water in the bottom of a beaker yesterday and although it was only a little bit he didn’t spill much at all in the 10 or so mouthfuls he took – very cool.  I’m such a proud dad smile

That’s me done – I’m beat and need some sleep.  Night all smile

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One Response to “text”

  1. Gina says:

    I know those germies are frusterating now, but he’s going to build up a great immunity!

    WTG Max for learning new things. You’re such a smartie! wink