loss II


on April 23, 2004

Do you remember this entry I posted a while back about my friend Jamie and how he was killed in a hit and run?  The story gets even more tragic 🙁 My friend Martin sent me an email yesterday and this is an excerpt from it:

Basically, Jamie and his girlfriend were at a party and had a row; she stormed out. Jamie got a call from her ten minutes or so later saying that she thought she was being followed; so Jamie told her to get to somewhere public and generally in view, he would come and collect her. So off he sets to find her, whilst he’s looking for her, one of his drunk mates decides that Jamie has been gone a bit long and decides to go and look for him in his van. He’s driving along, drunk…sees Jamie, pulls over to pick him up but being pissed loses control and runs Jamie over. He realises what he’s done, drives off and attempts to torch the van; next morning the stark realisation hits him and he hands himself in to the police.

Just so bizarrely wasteful.

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2 Responses to “loss II”

  1. Gina says:

    Oh my gosh. That is just so terribly tragic. 🙁

  2. lor says:

    how horrible:(