the wars


on May 14, 2004

Poor wee Max has really been in the wars this week.  On Monday he face planted on the floor (tripped over his own shoe) and gave himself a fat lip which is still purple.  On Wednesday he fell over at playgroup and took a chunk out of the underside of his chin!  Today he woke up with a big scratch on his nose (no, I have no idea – aliens?) and then this afternoon he goes flying into the gate that keeps him out of the kitchen, it collapses and he lands on the edge cutting his head open by his eye.  Loads of blood, a trip to the doctor’s and a couple of steri-strips later and he’s back to himself smile


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3 Responses to “the wars”

  1. Gina says:

    Awwww the poor kiddo!  And LOL! at the alien scratch! 

  2. guruvious says:

    In Canada, Children’s Aid would be on your doorstep wanting to “interview” him. They did that with me after I had a run-in with the coffee table. If I knew what I know now, my father would still be sending me cheques.

  3. Marc says:

    thanks guys.

    hey guru, it’s never to late to start………