dial up


on June 30, 2004

Hi all smile Just a quick entry to let you know that we are in and slowly getting settled.  Comms is still an issue with the home phone installed but the business line (and broadband) cocked up by Telecom – the work was ordered at the same time with the same person and they still managed to get it wrong! 🙁 I managed to get a dial up connection working though and here we are……..

The move itself went pretty well with the rain holding off for most of it.  The guys that moved us were really careful and everything seems to have made it without any damage.  All our furniture is in and the place looks even bigger (which I didn’t think was possible!) I was worried about various things being cramped up but we have loads of room.

That’s all for now – I’ll post photos of each room once we have things even vaguely put away. 

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One Response to “dial up”

  1. Gina says:

    Glad to hear your move went well.  And yes, pictures are wanted wink When you have time to breathe! No rush!