on November 18, 2004

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already!  The weekend flew past with us doing some work around the house and starting the planning of what we are going to do with the grounds of the house.  The section’s bigger than we thought and we have to decide what we want to do ourselves and what we want to pay people to do………

Vic and I have both been really tired the last week or so.  It may be partially Max’s fault as he is being really whiny and grumpy at the moment and just hard work for big parts of the day.  His two bottom molars are just breaking the gum so that may have something to do with it.

In my world the last two days of the week should be interesting.  I’m spending Thurs/Fri down at one the Army’s biggest camps doing “army stuff’ whatever that will entail!  The NZ Defence Force is a big customer of ours and they are taking some of their suppliers down for a “strategic session” Whatever, just as long as they let us shoot guns and drive armoured personnel carriers I don’t care smile

And then we’re of on holiday! YAY!!!!!!  A week of driving around the North Island of New Zealand visiting friends and we are looking forward to it.  It will be our first family holiday and it will be interesting to see how Max copes with the upheaval.

Speaking of Max here he is playing DJ smile


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2 Responses to “already?”

  1. Bekah says:

    That boy is jammin’.