on January 1, 2005

Max put together his first three word sentance yesterday!  He’s only been stringing two together for a couple of weeks and put three together during his bath last night.

I had pulled the plug out and all the water had drained leaving some bubbles behind (he loves bubble bath smile) but he’s been kinda freaked out by the plug hole recently.  I have been washing all the bubbles away but didn’t last night until he made it quite clear that I had forgotten something by saying “Daddy bubbles go” and pointing to the container I had used the last couple of nights.

Cool smile

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2 Responses to “3”

  1. Gina says:

    Just wait until he’s 13 and will.not.stop.talking!!  Heehee!

    Actually it is pretty cool smile He’s growing up way too fast!

    Happy New Year!