fat and cats


on January 21, 2005

Next Monday is the start of my Atkins diet!  This seems to really polarise people – they either love it (usually men that have done it) or hate it and think it’s dangerous (Vic wink) I know quite a few people that have done it and they all swear by it….. we’ll see.

Also the bloody cat went missing for a couple of hours today (we found her about 2 minutes ago) About a week ago we had two cat doors put in (external garage door and in the door between the hall and garage) and we’ve slowly allowed her more and more freedom as the week has gone on.  The last few days she’s had free reign of the house and grounds (and has woken us up at about 05:00 the last few days by rubbing noses and purring smile) Anyway, we looked high and low for her tonight, calling for her and making fools of ourselves, only to find her curled up right in the corner of the living room under the couch!  She usually comes when you call her but she must have just been too tired. The joys of pet ownership wink

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2 Responses to “fat and cats”

  1. Gina says:

    I didn’t like that diet, but I know many who had great success with it. All the best!

    Glad you found your kitty!

  2. lor says:

    my brother is on it and love it! he’s lost a lot of weight and really enjoys the diet actually. it never worked for me..considering i’m vegetarian;) hehe.

    good luck though. there are a lot of mixed reviews on it. i must say, my brother reckons he feels pretty good – no side effects.