poor wee man…

Max, News

on March 29, 2005

What a way to start your morning – cleaning up vomit smile

I’m sure most parents have gone through this but this is my first experience of having to clean up my child’s meals after they’ve been ingested.  So far Max has only thrown up a couple of times in his life and they’ve only been a mouthful or so – this morning was the whole “entire stomach contents and hey, where are the diced carrots” deal.

Max and I had gone downstairs to have breakfast while Vic kept sleeping and, after not eating all that well over the last couple of days, he had a pretty hearty breakfast.  After his cereal he was eating some toast and started to cough.  I was squatting down in front of his table telling him to chew his food properly (he just inhales food sometimes) when all of a sudden he heaves!  He looks at me with a confused look on his face and then really starts to bring up his breakfast 🙁 After three more big heaves he starts crying and there’s vomit all over his plate, the table, the floor, his shoes, his trousers, his top and hands and he really doesn’t know what’s going on.  To be fair he had said that he had a sore tummy about 30 minutes before so next time I’ll take him at his word!

After I strip him down and get him a drink to clear his mouth out I leave him sitting there watching me and start to clean up.  8 paper towels and a wet cloth later and we’re off upstairs to get some clean clothes.  After that he had some more toast and seemed in a better mood smile Now he’s running around as though nothing happened so I’m guessing it was something he ate rather than a fever (plus his temp is fine)

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3 Responses to “poor wee man…”

  1. Gina says:

    Aww poor kiddo!  And kids can puke and then just go on with their lives in a heartbeat.  They are very good at it.

    And the more puke you clean up, the easier it’ll be for you to deal with.  At least he didn’t puke ON you.. Been there done that more than I want to admit. LOL!

  2. Bekah says:

    Aww, man, just be glad he’s not normally a puker. I was a puker, and I’m considering not having kids incase they inherit that puke-once-a-week-for-no-good-reason thing from me. God knows I can’t handle it.

    Glad to hear he’s doing better, though. smile

  3. Angie says:

    Oh yucky, poor thing.  I’m usually the one wearing my son’s vomit and we’ve had several nights where we’re picking him up out of his cot and trying not to get vomit everywhere.  The joys of parenthood wink