potty training update 2


on September 27, 2005

Poor wee Max was doing so well until this evening!  He had been in the same pair of underpants all day today and that even included going out for an hour and a half this morning too! It had got to about 18:00, Max had finished his dinner and was starting to fade (we’ve been up since 05:00, Max and I) when the first accident happened. He was standing in the family room and looked down to find himself standing in a puddle…… he was so upset about it and bawled his eyes out while I stripped his bottoms off and cleaned up the floor. We’d just finished all that and put new clothes on when he said that he’d popped (our word for farting) and then his expression changed to one of horror as he said “too late Mummy, too late” and burst into tears again.  By this stage he was starting to get clumsy-tired and so it was off upstairs to bed.

All in all we are very pleased with the way things have gone and are so proud of our little man smile

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One Response to “potty training update 2”

  1. Gina says:

    Aww bless his wee heart!  He’s doing AMAZING!