three days


on November 2, 2005

Well the week has gone OK so far.  We had Aunt Bet’s funeral on Monday and that went as well as can be expected.  There were very few people there, about a dozen I guess, but I suppose that’s one thing that happens when you move across the world in your 70’s and then pass away 20 years later – you just run out of people to mourn you.  After my Dad read the eulogy I got up and said a few words.  I had been thinking about what I remembered most about her and just shared those thoughts with the people there. It was unexpected from my point of view but I’m glad I did it.  I was then a pall bearer (my second time) and was again suprised at how heavy people in coffins are – she was only little so there must be a lot of wood in one of those things!  She was then taken away for cremation and my Dad will take her back to the UK to be with her sister (Dad’s Mum) soon. 

It was also quite interesting explaining things to Max.  He’d only met her a couple of times but understood enough that he knew when the coffin was being driven away that Aunt Bet was in there.  To be fair he was more worried about what was going to happen to the flowers on top of the coffin I think bless him smile

Another thing that happened on Monday was Max strung the best sentence that I’ve heard him put together.  At dinner I had a can of diet coke and he said “Daddy, please may I have some of your drink” and pointed to the can.  Not hugely long but it was really well constructed and well enunciated IMO for a two year old.  Max and Elliot also did us proud at lunch after the funeral.  We went to a cafe with my Dad and his partner and after our meal had finished a lady came up to us out of the blue and told us how lovely and well behaved our children were!  Admittedly she just just struck it lucky ‘cos they’ve been little shits lately but even so it was nice to be told smile

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One Response to “three days”

  1. Gina says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your Aunts passing.