stand up!


on November 4, 2005

This is such a cute story (for us anyway)

Max has been having loads of toilet related accidents lately so we decided last night to create a star chart for him in relation to staying dry during the day. We split the day into 6 x 2 hour blocks and said that if he stayed dry and got all six stars in a day then I would read him two stories at bedtime instead of one. This seemed to work and he went the whole day today with only one little accident just as he was getting ready for his bath (this didn’t count as it was after the last time block wink)

Anyway, on to the story.  Max had been getting himself to the toilet all day and at about 2pm he trundles off to the loo. Vic goes in a minute later to find that he has just finished having a pee standing up!  He’s tall enough that he didn’t even have to lift the seat up smile I guess he’s seen me do it for quite some time but he’s only peed twice standing up and for him to just toodle off and do it himself is pretty cool!

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One Response to “stand up!”

  1. Gina says:

    Go Max Go! smile

    You know a handy trick. Get him a watch that will beep every so often.  When it beeps, it’ll remind him to go to the potty.  smile