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on November 19, 2005

Not much news really except to say that I’m about 80% well now. The chest infection cleared up with a course of antibiotics but the asthma is kind of hanging around. The head cold decided to come back too so that’s been fun….. especially as I flew yesterday and pressure equalisation was not one of my body’s strong points. Usually I’m a fairly healthy person – so much so that I visited the doctor that the rest of the family use and they had no record of me. As we’ve been back in NZ for 2 and a half years it means it’s been at least that long since I visited the doctor.

In other, site related, news we’ve just passed 250,000 hits on this page so a big thanks to all you visitors smile

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One Response to “cough, splutter”

  1. Gina says:

    Glad that you’re feeling better.

    WOW on the hit! Congrats!