kids huh?

Elliot, Max

on March 10, 2006

Two quick pictures (and a sound file!) to give you an idea of how the kids are coming along.

The first is Max.  Yesterday he disappeared upstairs to his room and wandered down about 15 minutes later dressed like this!  These are all clothes that are on a shelf for when winter arrives but he’d got them down and added (on top of t-shirt and shorts) trackpants, a shirt, a fleece dressing gown and a wooly hat.  The funniest thing was that he came down and proudly announced “Mummy, I’m all fancied up” ! lol! Where he got the term fancied up we have no idea….  When I was editing this picture for the entry this is what he said:  mp3 file (if you want a translation email me or leave a comment)


This picture shows that Elliot is getting everywhere he shouldn’t be!  The first flight of stairs is eight steps and he was up the all the way on his first go.  We now have a couple of gates……


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2 Responses to “kids huh?”

  1. Bekah says:

    I listented to it a few times and I have no idea what he said – yes, please, give us a translation!

    And I love the picture of Elliot, he has such a devious look in his eyes! LOL!!

  2. jason says:

    looks like max has your dress sense!!! just kidding…elliot looks like he’s on a mission from hell! do well in a scrum i’d say…