tea anyone?


on April 25, 2006

Max had four of us around for tea the other day.  Vibrating Bee wore his usual, oh so eighties, yellow and black striped jumpsuit. Dog Who Sings In Rain (his native American name) was unusually quiet due to feeling run down (or so his batteries inferred) and Peter Rabbit joined us in a lovely blue ensemble from this years Autumn collection at Versace.  A place of honour, and the special green cup, was reserved for Daddy who unfortunately is not in the picture due to his doubling up as official photographer for the gala event.


After we all ate our fill it was time to pack up as Mummy said dinner was ready.  I mentioned the bad timing to Max and said that I really didn’t think that I could eat Mummy’s cooking as I’d filled my tummy with chocolate cake pudding (with ketchup), fizzy and Easter eggs.  Max then looked at me and said “Oh Daddy, it’s only pretend”

Ahh yes……….

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