back from sydney (6 days ago!)

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on May 11, 2006

And boy has there been news!

• Max started Kindergarten on Monday!  The reason that there was no build-up was because Vic only got a call last Thursday saying “we’ve had a couple of people leave the area so would max like an early start?” “Damn right” said Vic (I paraphrase of course smile) Due to the number of children in the area he wasn’t supposed to start until July so this is quite a bit early.  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 12:45 till 15:15. So far it’s gone really well…..  Monday he had a wee accident, as it were, but to be fair it was all new and exciting and I just think he forgot.  Vic was there with him for the whole time Monday and Tuesday and Tuesday he was great.  Today she left him for an hour in the middle of the session and he hardly noticed she was gone so he should be OK next week.

• Elliot walked!  It happened on Friday and he took four to five steps twice according to Vic.  Naturally I was in Sydney and of course he hasn’t done it since…… typical!

• Sydney was, well, work really.  The one fantastic thing was going sailing on Sydney harbour on Wednesday afternoon.  Match racing modern racing boats in front of the Opera House and harbour bridge that have competed in the Volvo ocean race around the world was awesome.  They were run by these guys and to give you an idea of how close and hard the racing was we came second in our 30 minute race by 14 seconds.  The smallest winning margin in the five three boat races was 8 seconds!

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One Response to “back from sydney (6 days ago!)”

  1. jason says:

    cool,starting school really,ay,…good stuff.Well done El,prob be running by sept…well done bro,sailing is in our blood wink