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on June 8, 2006

Hi there all!  I hope you are all well and that someone is still visiting and looking at this update smile

We’ve all been clogged up with colds for the last couple of weeks but besides that we are OK.  This update will go into a couple of the things we’ve been up to and includes a number of pics (hopefully not too much of a download….)

Max has now been going to Kindergarten for over a month and in the last week or so has got over the “this is new and exciting” phase and moved into the “Mum is leaving me and I’m going to freak out” phase! Supposedly this is fairly normal and he seems to be getting a wee bit better already.

One of the things they do is have a kid sized doll at kindy called Lian.  Every day someone gets to take her home and then the next day they tell the other children what they got up to (usually in the form of a written report from the parents).  It was Max’s turn last week and he had her for two nights.

Everyone gets to have a story


Time for bed


A while back we bought Max a small blow-up globe which he loved.  He could point to New Zealand and say that was where we live, point to Australia and say that was where I go for work sometimes and point to the UK and say that is where Zak lives smile This was fine until he bit a hole in it and although I tried fixing it things were never going to be the same…..  Vic and I decided that as he liked the little one so much we’d buy him a bigger one and see what he thought of it.

You guess.


Elliot is making progress on his walking but still doesn’t take more than a couple of steps at a time.  I know we don’t post many pictures of him so here are a couple.

Going for a ride with his brother


Making the kind of faces he makes….


With kindy and playgroup and music and play dates Max leads a hectic life these days.  Some days it’s just all a bit much……..



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3 Responses to “hey there”

  1. Ree says:

    What cute little dudes!

  2. Bekah says:

    Oh my goodness, that face Elliot is making is HILARIOUS. He must have a great personality.

    And, of course, Max just keeps getting more and more handsome. smile

  3. jason says:

    certainly not lacking character are they,so cute…