Elliot, Max, News

on July 12, 2006

Thanks to everyone that sent emails, left messages, gave gifts or otherwise had any input into my 40th birthday celebrations.  I am now officially “in my forties” and don’t feel any the worse for it smile

In other news Elliot is hardly crawling now and spends most of his time racing around grabbing anything that his new found vertical stature allows him to reach – yay!  It has opened up a whole new level of mischief for him and he’s taking full advantage of it…….  Other than that the boys have been well with no major health or behavioral issues.

Here are some pics…




Max at a 4th birthday party


A nice day at the beach…..


…until someone gets prickled on the lip!

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One Response to “40th”

  1. Gina says:

    I can’t even phathom Elliot being a little mischief maker. No way. He’s sweet as pie. smile His little blonde curls remind me so much of Justin’s… until he had his first haircut. 🙁

    Love the pictures, they are adorable boys. smile