a week late


on September 9, 2006

So, an update at last smile

In April Vic and I spent the weekend away in a place called Martinborough which is about an hours drive north of here and spent some time with adults doing adult type things.

Last weekend we went to the same place with most of the same people and had a fantastic time (again!) This time we stayed at a homestay called Todds Cottage (visit the site!). The weekend was full of great food, good drink and fun activities. After dropping Elliot off at my Mum’s place (Ali and Clay had Max) on Friday night we drove up and after a few drinks at the local had a lovely meal back at the cottage cooked by Ian and Ngahuia. Saturday was the activity day and so we split by gender and while the girls went off to be pampered at Turret House the boys spent two hours quad biking on the hills and in the rivers around Martinborough. It was one of the most fun things I have done and I found out that my quad bike topped out at 73kph on grass smile

Saturday night was a night out and the restaurant of choice this time The French Bistro. The restaurant has rated really well and even has positive comments from the likes of the New York Times food critic. With such a build up it was a shame that most us thought it was crap! Rubbish service was matched by mediocre food – I had whatever is French for Steak and chips – the steak was nice but served with shoestring fries that could have come from McDonalds and 5, yes 5, green beans. And that cost me 30 bucks….. Ah well at least we had plenty to drink wink

All in all a great weekend!

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