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on September 21, 2006

Who knew that kids could fit so much puke and shit in them!

The last three days have seen both our boys the sickest I’ve ever seen them 🙁 They are slowly on the improve but it’s taking a while.

Monday night Vic and I went up to bed about 10:30 and as we usually do we checked in on the boys.  We walked into Elliot’s room to find that he’d vomited a small amount over the side of his cot and onto the floor.  I picked him up out of his cot and took him into the bathroom while Vic started to clean up.  Almost as soon as I got him into the bathroom he proceeded to bring up almost every scrap of food he’d eaten in the last day or so all over my neck, sweatshirt, jeans and feet in about four massive heaves!  The bizarre thing is that I was standing there being puked on (he takes after his Mum – long story smile) and all I was thinking was “I really hope he’s going to be alright”.  The next two hours were spent bathing him to get the vomit out his hair, redressing him, redressing him again after he exploded from his nappy through his pyjamas, sleeping bag and my jeans.  He puked a few more times and we finally got him settled back into his cot about 12:30 and staggered into bed.

For two hours.  Then we went through a similar process with Max vomiting from 02:30 to about 03:30.

Elliot exploded again about 5:00 so then we decided to just get up!  Max then started with the explosive diarrhoea….. yay!

Tuesday was spent with Max sleeping most of the time (except when he was sprinting to the toilet – and making it 3 out of four times) and Elliot throwing up anything that entered his mouth almost instantly.  The strange thing is that they haven’t had a temperature and besides feeling tired haven’t seemed particularly “ill”

Since then they’ve both eaten small amounts of food, drunk quite a bit of water and slept a lot – except at night of course where the average number of times getting up is about three.

It seems that there is a rotavirus going around at the moment that really wipes them out for a while but hopefully they’re on the improve……

Ahh the joys of parenthood smile


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