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on March 22, 2007

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since my last entry – we must have been having fun!
We had a nice quiet day on Wednesday followed by dinner at my windows professional key friend Anna’s house with her children Zach and Stella. Thanks so much for a lovely time (and meal) – we all enjoyed it.

Thursday morning we went to music and took along Zoe from down the road, while her mum was helping out with swimming at school. She is a lovely little girl who behaved beautifully, but I’m glad I don’t have three children to keep an eye on all the time!

Friday morning Marc surprised us by arriving home earlier than expected – he’d managed to catch an earlier flight from Auckland, so was home at 7.30am. The boys jumped all over him, followed him around everywhere and Elliot kept walking up to him, holding up his arms and saying ‘cuddle’. So I think I can honestly say we were all pleased to see him come home 🙂

Saturday we had a lovely time with Marc’s old boss Pete (not that he’s old), his wife Jan and their little boy Finn, who came to us for lunch. The boys all played really nicely together (Elliot and Finn are about the same age) – it’s just a shame they live over in Australia as it would be nice to spend more time with them.

Saturday night the clocks went back so the boys were up at 5am instead of 6am! After our nice early start on Sunday we dropped the boys off at Marc’s mums house (Grannie) for a few hours while we went round the shops looking for a new watch for me. I’ve lost the winder off the side of my old watch so I can’t change the time. I didn’t find anything I liked there, but have since found (and bought) a lovely Tissot watch.

This week has also been busy. It’s gone something like this …
– Monday morning playgroup, Monday afternoon kindy for Max and nap for Elliot, then in the evening I went to the kindy committee meeting (I’m the secretary on this committee)
– Tuesday morning Max went to play at a friend’s house and while Elliot had his nap in the afternoon I did a second coat of paint on the fence out the front
– Had a playdate with my friend Siobhan and her children Tyler and Mikayla on Wednesday morning and in the afternoon Elliot had his nap while Max and I did some painting, drawing, coloring and reading.

It’s Thursday once again – we had music this morning, Max is now at kindy, Elliot is asleep and I’ve been typing this instead of doing the housework and folding the laundry! Had better get a move on to get something done before I have to go and collect Max.

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